Cabriolets und Wohnmobile sind eigentlich zwei Autosegmente, die ziemlich weit auseinanderliegen. Bis jetzt: Auf der Touristik-Messe CMT in Stuttgart sorgte der Skydancer Apéro für Aufsehen – das vermutliche erste Wohnmobil-Cabrio. Als Fahrer kann man sogar mit offenem Verdeck an der frischen Luft unterwegs sein.

Der Apéro hat eine Art Doppeldecker-Design mit einer Wohnfläche im Erdgeschoss und der Fahrerkabine darüber. Aber was heißt hier Kabine? Ein großes, elektrisch öffnendes Dach lässt die Sonne hinein, bis zu vier Personen können dort sitzen. Für romantische Sternstunden zu zweit kann die Bestuhlung zur Liegefläche umgewandelt werden. Jenes Bett ist 2,00 Meter lang und 1,25 Meter breit. 

Im Wohnraum darunter befindet sich ein 2,00 x 1,40 Meter großes Bett, hinzu kommt eine Küche mit zwei Kochfeldern, einem 145 Liter fassenden Kühlschrank, Waschbecken und Arbeitsfläche. Das Bad bietet eine Toilette plus Dusche. Hier gleitet das Waschbecken bei Nichtbenutzung zurück in die Wand. 

Technisch nutzt der Apéro das Fahrgestell des Fiat Ducato inklusive 2,3-Liter-Multijet-Turbodiesel mit 148 PS Leistung. Als cooles Feature gleitet der Ganghebel aus der Mittelkonsole, sobald der Fahrer den Zundschlüssel ins Schloss steckt.

Kommen wir zum Preis: Skydancer bietet den Apero für 128.520 Euro an. Für zusätzliche 1.890 Euro gibt es mehr Motorleistung, wer ein Automatikgetriebe möchte, ist mit 1.950 Euro dabei. Eine Klimaautomatik schlägt mit 699 Euro zu Buche.

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Bildergalerie: Skydancer Apero Convertible RV

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Press info ENGLISCH:

This is Skydancer Apéro - the world's first camper-cabriolet!


At the CMT 2019 in Stuttgart, the production version of the cabrio camper was first shown. This is a unique project created by one man - Piotr Kubiński. The whole is based on Fiat Ducato, but after the original vehicle there is practically no trace.


The idea of creating a camper in the convertible version, was born in Piotr's head a long time ago. At the beginning, he created a prototype (concept) of such a vehicle. For the construction he used the furniture he had at hand and the used truck - the Mercedes Atego. He traveled all over Europe with this vehicle, visited many caravanning fairs. The feedback from both (the media and the visitors) was extremely large and positive, so the designer decided to create a production version of his idea.


Skydancer Apéro - basic information


The cabrio camper is based on Fiat Ducato, under the hood we will find a 2.2 Multijet engine with 150 horsepower. The front serviced damper is designed in such a way that in the future there could be a fully electric drive. In the front, we also find the greatest innovation of the project, ie two separate levels. On the first, higher, the so-called "A cab" with 4 seats for driving. Both the seats and the steering wheel are trimmed with leather. The side windows are long enough to reach up to the second row of seats. Thanks to this, we get an extraordinary, panoramic view not only on the road, but also on the surrounding views.


In the front you can also find an electrically opened roof, which in a few moments overlaps the rear part of the vehicle. In this way, for the first time in the world, we get a camper in the convertible version. What is important, the roof can also be opened while driving, not just a standstill.


The camper is 7 meters long and 3.05 meters high. In the front of the vehicle we are sitting more or less at this height. This idea opens us to a completely new, previously unknown experience.


In the front of the camper we can also create a double bed. The process takes no more, than two minutes. After this time, we have a lot of space (200 cm long, 125 cm wide) for two (and more) people who can stay on the upper deck with an open roof. Romantic evening for two with the opportunity to admire the stars straight from the deck of a camper? With Skydancer Apéro it is possible!


The front seats are rotatable, but their blockage was solved completely differently. After turning the key in the station, the seats lock in the position enabling the ride. After the engine has been switched off, the lock "switches off" and then we can turn it towards the rear of the vehicle. Each pair of armchairs has a table at your disposal, ideal for morning breakfast and coffee. Armchairs with automatic locking are not everything. The gear lever, after turning the key, slides out of the floor. During the stoppage, it hides in it to increase the comfort of moving around this part of the motorhome.


The Aperro Skydancer still has a very low weight with all the mechanisms used. In the "ready to ride" state it weighs around 3080 kg (empty about 2830 kg), so we have 420 kg to load. It's a great result.


Lower deck - residential part


The lower deck is surprising, above all, a very large space. Freely in the "salon" can move the entire crew living on board. At the back of the vehicle there are two double beds 200 cm long and 140 cm wide. Entrance to it is facilitated by stairs, which are easily hidden in the direction of the garage - this is another Skydancer's innovation. Next to it, we find a large Dometic fridge (145 liters), which we have free access to even when the stairs are spread.


In the kitchen corner you will find a sink and a gas stove. If we need a larger working space, we will lay out an additional table in a few moments, which later can be transformed into, for example, a coffee pad for people resting in the back bed. As you can see, Skydancer Apéro is full of little things that greatly improve comfort.


In the camper, we also find a bathroom connected to the toilet. Here, too, we find an interesting trivia. The sink "hides" in the wall and thus allows easy access to Thetford's toilet.


At the end, it is worth paying for an enormous garage in the back. Easy access to it is provided by a wide flap. Inside we pack scooters, bikes and all necessary (and unnecessary) luggage.


The heating is standard, gas. The whole is powered by a Truma Combi boiler. As the constructor himself says, the camper is intended to be used during the main caravanning season, i.e. during the spring and summer.

Datenblatt Skydancer Cabrio Model Apéro


Skydancer GmbH, 50670 Köln, Hülchrather Str. 33 

Mobil: 0172-2585752



Modell: Apéro 3,5 t

Basis Fahrgestell:Fiat Ducato Maxi 2,3L 150PS Multijet 2, EURO 6


Abmessungen: L: 7 m, B: 2,20, H: 3,05


Leergewichttrocken: 2.830 t 

Fahrfertiges Leergewicht (Wasser, Gas, Kraftstoff, Fahrer): 3.080 t

Gesamtgewicht: 3.500 t


Sitzplätze: 4 Einzelsitze im Frontbereich



- festes Doppelbett hinten ( 200 x 140)

- klappbares Doppelbett in der Fahrkabine (200 x 125)


Heizung/ Warmwasser: Truma Kombi


Frisch/ Abwasser: 90 l

Kühlschrank 145 l (automatische Energiewahl)

PREIS : € 128 520,- inkl. MwSt.( Netto € 108 000,-)


Im Preis sind die meisten Features bereits inbegriffen!

- 2,3 L Multijet 2 Turbodiesel EURO 6, 150 PS (UVP: 1.900,00 €)

bei uns € 0,-


- Heavy Chassis Maxi: (UVP € 1950,- ) bei uns € 0,-


-manuelle Klimaanlage(UVP € 1590,-) bei uns € 0,-


-Cabriodach elektrisch,


- Lederausstattung inkl.:

- 4 Ledersitze (UVP: 2.400,00 €) bei uns € 0,-.


- Lederverkleidung Kabinenwände + Armaturenbrett(UVP€ 1200,-)bei uns € 0,-


- Lederlenkrad, Schaltknaufmit Lederbezug (UVP: 450,00 €) bei uns € 0,-


(ein Cabrio braucht wetterfeste Sitzbezüge)


-17 Zoll Alufelgen mit 235/70 Bereifung (UVP 550,-) bei uns € 0,-




Motor2,3 lMultijet1800:€ 1890,-


Automatisiertes Getriebe: € 1950,-


Klimaautomatik € 699,-