Der Audi Q3 verkleidet sich an Halloween als Einhorn. Unicorn auf englisch. Weshalb es nahe liegt, dass Audi USA ihn Qnicorn nennt. Die mythologische Maschine ist in Washington D.C. unterwegs um Süßigkeiten zu verteilen. 


Der Qnicorn trägt ein ein knapp 90 Zentimeter langes Horn mit Gold, Glitzer und lila Finish, das ihm oberhalb der Windschutzscheibe aus dem Dach wächst. Der Rest der Q3-Karosserie ist in eine Perleffekt-Folie gehüllt, die das Auto geheimnisvoll schimmern lässt. Außerdem hat Audi die LED-Innenraumbeleuchtung auf Lila gestellt.


Die Entscheidung, den Qnicorn zu bauen, entstand aus einem Social-Media-Post, der viral ging. Der Hersteller sagt, man wurde "schnell mit Kommentaren von Fans geflutet, die teilten, was sie über die schrullige Version des neuen SUVs denken".

Der aktuelle Q3 ist seit 2018 auf dem Markt. Seit kurzem gibt es auch eine SUV-Coupé-Variante namens Q3 Sportback. Beide werden Ende 2019 auch als heiße RS-Varianten kommen. RS Q3 und RS Q3 Sportback kriegen den bekannten 2,5-Liter-Fünfzylinder mit 400 PS. Die Qnicorn-Variante dürfte es aller Voraussicht nach nicht in die Serie schaffen. Wir fänden es aber überaus interessant, was der deutsche Tüv zu der Horn-Konstruktion zu sagen hätte.

Bildergalerie: Audi Q3 Qnicorn

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Audi brings the Audi Q3 unicorn-inspired social media post to life for those who 'Hold Nothing Back'

Audi of America brings one of the most engaged social posts to life following remarkable fan response
Audi Q3 “Qnicorn” celebrates Halloween by exploring the streets of Washington, D.C.
Qnicorn solidified as fan favorite on Audi Instagram and Facebook accounts
HERNDON, Va., October 30, 2019 – Audi of America has brought one of the most engaged social media posts to life: the mythical Audi Q3 Unicorn, dubbed by fans as the “Qnicorn.” The Qnicorn, inspired by an image created in collaboration with Gentleman Scholar, continues the Audi “Q3 in :03” campaign to bring relevant content to social media feeds of a younger audience. To take it one step further, the Qnicorn was brought to life just in time for Halloween.

"Hold Nothing Back,” unicorn style

As a true unicorn of the compact-premium SUV segment, the Audi Q3 attracts younger buyers, to the Audi brand with fresh design and everyday functionality. Given the fan engagement and excitement for the mythical car on social media, Audi transformed the all-new Q3 into a real-life unicorn to bring joy (and candy) to customers and Halloween enthusiasts alike.

The Qnicorn is designed to stand out with elements that put a playful twist on the brand’s new SUV design language. Staying true to the original post on social media, a custom-built three-foot-long unicorn horn has been treated with shimmering gold paint infused with glitter and hints of purple. The vehicle is wrapped in a pearlescent vinyl that produces dazzling rainbows when exposed to light. The Qnicorn’s unique wrap and signature horn frame a silhouette that’s as distinct as the mystical creature itself. The available, and customizable, ambient interior lighting has been turned purple to bring some of the “magic” inside.

A social creature

The original post on social media garnered thousands of engagements and quickly became one of the most-shared stories on the Audi Instagram account. The Qnicorn is part of the “Q3 in :03” campaign in collaboration with Gentleman Scholar to help leverage thumb-stopping images and videos that seamlessly fit within the social feeds of millennials.

Qnicorn posts on Audi social media channels were quickly flooded with comments from fans sharing how they felt about the quirky take on the all-new SUV. In no particular order, some of the top comments below.

“Runs on unicorn tears.”
“This is getting weird…”
“I’m a car lover and a unicorn lover…”
“Magic described in a car.”
Audi of America shared the Halloween magic of the Qnicorn with fans by exploring popular neighborhoods while handing out candy throughout the Washington, D.C. area. The mystical SUV started its journey at a local Cars & Coffee event, before heading to areas popular for millennials celebrating the holiday. The last stop for the Qnicorn was at the Inova Children’s Hospital in Great Falls, Virginia, where the children were surprised and thrilled by the Qnicorn’s appearance.

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